emily: class of 2019

As I’m finishing up Emily’s slideshow, I thought it’d be nice to show it to you! I love Emily’s chill vibe … she’s a beautiful free spirit and it shows through in her photos.

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15 minutes with kittens

Sadly I can't find my previous blogsite that this would ideally link to. I lost it when I switched my website company. While I still have hope that I'll find it someday, the thing I want the most are the posts that were written for my daughters. I still have the photos, but the words are lost. Wahhhh. :(

Until that happens, I'm moving on with this blog ... and what will cheer me up? Kittens. We're talking fresh, fluffy, floppy-eared kittens, about a week or two old. We stopped at my sweet friend, Shannon's house after piano lessons one day for a quick visit and we were in heaven, holding these little fluff balls. I'm so glad I had my camera along to get these little moments.